the Doctor (definitelymad) wrote,
the Doctor

TWO / video

[BZZT, the feed clicks on. have a GIANT I don't even know, reflective green thing right in your view. giant reflective green thing blinks and pulls back -- turns out it's the Doctor's eye, which is attached to the Doctor's face and, currently, covered by a pair of huge black goggles. the Doctor himself looks a bit the worse for wear; his hair is messy, he's covered in dirt smudges and his coat and bowtie are askew.

don't fret, though, because he's wearing an enormous grin. he pushes the goggles up.]

Hello! Did you miss me? Anyone? All of you? Well.

[preens a bit]

Dropped off the map a bit there, didn't I? Perfectly good explanation, though, which is -- I forgot about you. Or, not you, any one of you specifically, I just... got a bit busy, you know, doing things. Which I do. The first thing on my list of priorities wasn't exactly, "ooh, that's right, I've got a Network device, I should probably take a break from this -- important business and socialize".

No offense.

But I'm back now! And I have something to report to you, City:

It's a bad idea to touch the clock.

[long pause. too long -- his grin takes on that odd frozen quality of someone who's had to pose for a photo for an uncomfortable length of time. then, more quietly:]

I don't suppose the Master's turned up again?

[the feed cuts off.]
Tags: *polychromatic, our not really very fair at all city, the master, thing in progress
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