the Doctor (definitelymad) wrote,
the Doctor

ONE / video

[the feed clicks on -- and bounces, as if the device has just fallen from some height. we can see an object in the distance that's faintly recognisable as the fountain, and in the foreground, something very large and very blue and sort of wooden. sort of like a big blue box. hm.

suddenly the box door creaks open, releasing some very chaotic things-exploding-cloister-bell-tolling sorts of noises and a not inconsiderable amount of smoke. then a pair of boots come dashing out -- we only see the boots for now, and a bit of trouser leg. somebody coughs violently. the door swings shut.]

---And, you know, I don't remember fiddling around with the desktop theme! I liked my desktop theme, it was all... gadgety and cool, and I'll thank whoever it was to change it back, if you don't mind!

I'll have Amy back, too, while you're at it. We're on a bit of a tight schedule.

[the boots turn this way and that, but find no culprit. then -- pause. a long, long, utterly silent pause. when the voice comes again it's very quiet.] can't be them. They can't be here, they're gone, I swear they're--

Oh. Oh, hello.

[the boots advance until they're right in front of the device, then in a flash we have an excellent view of the Doctor, belly-down on the sidewalk and peering into the camera with every sign of great interest]

What. Have. We. Here.

[he taps on it with each syllable, taking great care to leave a long space before the last one. then he reaches awkwardly into his inside pocket, pulling out his sonic screwdriver, shining it at the device -- everything goes green for a moment, and a funny sound blasts. satisfied, he picks up the device and stands up again.]

Hello? Anybody out there? More importantly, anybody out there who can tell me where I am? I always know where I am, or else I can feel it out, but this is -- it's like I've had a good whack alongside my head, you know, which I probably have, things got a bit sketchy on the trip here. I'm getting a definite head/floor sort of vibe. But anyway -- I don't like not knowing where I am.

Not too fond of this ticking, either. It never usually ticks in my head, that's a clock thing. A human trait. It feels... wrong.

[he looks faintly worried now]

...a lot of things feel wrong, here.

[ooc: feel free to action if you'd like to run into him! also slightly placeholdery, I should probably sleep before I fall over.]
Tags: *polychromatic, disaster the size of belgium, lost: one scottish girl, not the coral again, sonic sonic sonic, time lord senses tingling
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