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NAME: The (Eleventh) Doctor
SERIES: Doctor Who
TIMELINE: post season 5
ABILITIES: There are a lot. The 30% limit willlll play merry hell with the Doctor's ability to sense other Time Lords and inhibit his regeneration -- so he doesn't get a brand new body or anything, he just gets brought back to life, and has to deal with whatever injuries he sustained the normal-person way. It'll also weaken his psychic connection with space and time; usually he can tell just by being there if a point in time is a fixed event or if it can be changed, but in Ceriu he won't be able to. So he'll have to be super careful doing...basically anything, in case he accidentally implodes the universe.

PERSONALITY: The Eleventh Doctor is, in a lot of very small and very vital ways, the end result of every incarnation he has had before now. He still retains the core qualities that every one of his selves had; his remarkable intelligence, memory and technical aptitude; his compulsion to meddle in those events which are not fixed in time, in order to save the day; and his fondness for life in general and human life in particular. Like his previous self, he outwardly seems quite cheerful and quirky and mad, and has the same tendency to babble on at length; this Doctor, however, has much more of a distracted air to him when he does, an absentminded professor with a far-too-young face. Like his ninth self, he has very little patience for people who are stupid or make mistakes or don't question things simply because they're told they shouldn't, and can be quick to dismiss them and extremely unforgiving toward them. Eleven has a very Holmesian method of investigating things, and he encourages the people around him to adopt this as well, to notice when things are just that little bit wrong and, above all, to think for themselves.

That youthful vim and vigour and lust for adventure is something the Doctor will never really lose, and so he tends to act quite childlike, reckless and melodramatic at times, enjoying a bit of an extravagant show-off. This can make him seem silly and campy, but more often than not he's got a plan hidden away in there somewhere or is on the verge of coming up with one -- a "thing in progress". Also, like a lot of his selves (most notably numbers one and six) he's not inclined to hide his emotions, especially his anger; when something really really affects him, he isn't above reacting coldly, with rage or even, very rarely, with violence. This gives him the potential to be terrifying if pushed far enough. The Daleks didn't name him the Oncoming Storm for nothing, after all.

This Doctor is much more obviously alien than he was last time -- there's less humanity in his manner than a few of his previous incarnations showed, and in many ways he's very much like he was at the very beginning: odd, otherworldly, somewhat crotchety and absolutely timeless on a whole lot of levels, but with that deep-running core of kindness that's only become stronger with the centuries and regenerations. He is very much an old, so so old and wise and clever creature, but being trapped in such a young body means that nobody takes this seriously, and that can be a major source of frustration for him. He has outlived the rest of his kind, been to the farthest edges of the universe, destroyed and rebuilt entire civilizations, entire species. He can open the TARDIS doors with a snap of his fingers. He is the Doctor, and he must be taken seriously. Sadly, most people don't subscribe to this way of thinking. But moving right along...

A lot of his inherent kindness is due to the whole 'outlived the rest of his kind' thing; his entire race was wiped out, by his own hand, in the Last Great Time War. As his companion Amy has observed, he's very very old and the very very last of his people, and all the pain and loneliness in him has just made him kind. It's made him care when other people are lonely or upset, and made him terribly attached to human beings, since Earth is the closest thing he has left to a home. The War is a very touchy subject for the Doctor, but unlike his ninth incarnation, who was directly post-War, or his tenth, who was still dwelling on the aftereffects and acting every bit the lonely angel, the eleventh Doctor isn't repressing what it's done to him. On the contrary, he seems to have come to grips with it, at least a bit, and has finally started to move on. He can talk about it now without it becoming a huge, dramatic, emotional speech moment. Eleven isn't trying for sympathy, or to make it a big old point of internal conflict. When he tells Amy, he tells her succinctly -- what she needs to know, no muss, no fuss, no making a giant emo deal out of it.

Which brings us to his relationship with one Amy Pond, Leadworth kissogram/professional redhead. Amy is different, Amy is fascinating, Amy's life doesn't quite make sense and that's wonderful. The Doctor picked up Rose Tyler right on the heels of the most painful time of his life and let her provide a bit of human salvation; Martha Jones came after the pain of losing Rose, because he couldn't bear to be alone; Donna Noble was an orchestration of reality, a fact, inescapable. Asking Amy Pond to travel with him was a choice, not a way of substituting something he'd lost. She'd been there through the trauma of his regeneration cycle; he'd been a vital, if absent, influence for the better part of her life. His bond with Amy is incredibly strong, and for the first time since before the Time War it's for the right reasons.

Also there's Rory, Amy's sort-of-boyfriend/fiance/husband. Fantastic Rory, funny Rory, gorgeous Rory, as the Doctor says. It took him a while to warm to Rory, but inviting Rory along was a choice as well -- he didn't want the wonder and glory of the universe to distract Amy from the things that were really important in life, so off they went to Venice, and then to the Dreamworld, and then... somewhere along the way, the Doctor started to genuinely like Rory, for his devotion to Amy, his willingness to fight for her and to keep her safe, as well as the surprisingly enormous amount of scared trust Rory has in the Doctor. Yeah, Rory's not bad. We like Rory. Rory can stick around in the TARDIS for a while, as long as he makes himself useful. Which we know he will.

STATUS: OLDFAG. He's been there a week doing sciencey things, waiting for his unfashionably late companion(s) to turn up. Also secretly fretting that they might not.
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